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COOOL: The Green Revolution in Transportation Systems

The SIAD Group has launched the COOOL project to create innovation in sustainable refrigerated transport 

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PerFORM Water: Circular Economy in Water Management

PerFORM Water is a project aimed at developing a circular economy in water management. 

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H2 Technologies: Innovation in Combustion

SIAD has designed a new combustion technology that uses hydrogen as the main fuel. This process is more efficient and safer, and minimizes the production of harmful pollutants.

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The Italian Biogas Chain

Biogas can be used as a fuel just like natural gas, but with a reduced environmental impact. SIAD develops processes, plants, and products.

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LEAN: The Winning Model for Engineering Efficiency and Sustainability

SIAD Macchine Impianti has embarked on an important strategic development path based on the LEAN Model for greater sustainability of its products.

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Gas Pipelines: The Network Expands and Becomes Greener

SIAD continues its expansion of the gas pipeline network for the direct supply of technical gases, reducing transportation and ensuring uninterrupted supply.

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