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Research and Innovation


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Research, Technology, and Innovation

For nearly a hundred years, the SIAD Group has been investing in research and development, creating innovative solutions for the most complex challenges.

Unique projects, non-standardized proposals, synergies, inspiration, and technological cross-pollination among different sectors of the Group.

This forms the basis of our innovation processes, with the goal of reducing environmental impact.

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Gases of Life District

Gases of Life District


The Gases of Life District is the news SIAD Research Center dedicated to the study and development of innovative gas mixtures and their automated and robotic production, for food, environmental, medical and pharmaceutical use. 

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R&D Compressor Center


SIAD Macchine Impianti operates a dedicated research and development center for PET and process compressors. The research center's activities are aimed at optimizing their operation.


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R&D Burners Center


ESA has an R&D center equipped with furnaces, burners, and atmospheric emissions analyzers where tests are conducted on burners for various applications. 

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Collaborations with Universities and Research Institutions


We collaborate with universities and research institutions worldwide to ensure a constant flow of new ideas and expertise.


SIAD International Oenology Award

Recognizes the best research projects related to the use of technical gases from the vineyard to the cellar, aimed at improving the quality of wines and production processes.


PerFORM Water 2030

The project is a true model that aims to guide the Integrated Water Service in its transition towards environmental, technological, and digital excellence, applying circular economy principles throughout the journey. The Environmental Biology and Chemistry Laboratory actively collaborates within the project.



The project aims to diversify the technological base for biogas production in Europe, increase cost efficiency, and contribute to the adoption of these innovative technologies.

Our investments in innovation, research, and development are essential to strengthen competitiveness in the market, open up new possibilities, projects, investments, and consciously build the future.

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