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Established in the 1930s and situated near the Osio Sopra plant, the SIAD Specialty Gas Laboratory is devoted to the production and analysis of pure and extra pure gases and gas mixtures, as well as to applied research in the service of innovative technologies.
The Laboratory has a leading-edge filling system and a wide and diversified range of instruments and tools; it relies on a team of highly skilled technicians with long-standing experience in the field of specialty gases.

Besides high-quality products and services, all this ensures the capacity to quickly adapt the production parameters as a function of user requests, which is confirmed by the wide gamut of gas blends produced.
The SIAD Specialty Gas Laboratory was the first gas laboratory in Italy to obtain, in 1994, ISO 9001 quality certification; as further evidence of excellence, it has been accredited by Accredia as a LAT Calibration Centre (LAT Centre no. 143).

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