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Product and Services

The diversification of SIAD Group activities translates into a broad offering of products and services supplied to all the main industrial sectors, the healthcare industry, the environmental sector and the mass consumer market.

SIAD products and services reflect the continuous evolution of the brand and its ability to respond flexibly to, anticipate or even create market requirements.

Prodotti e Servizi

Products and services in the Technical Gases sector

  • Technical, specialty, food and beverage, medical and refrigerant gases.

  • Porous mass for acetylene cylinders.

  • Inert gas fire suppression systems.

  • Services: on-site and total gas management, technical and analytical assistance, chemical, biological and microbiological analyses.

  • Distribution systems, materials and equipment.

  • Distribution at industrial level of: welding products and accessories, measurement and control instruments, professional tools, accident prevention products.

  • Disposal of special and hazardous industrial waste, recycling of industrial waste; “full-service”management of environment problems, environmental reinstatement operations.

  • Balloons, helium cylinders and party materials.

  • Food grade carbon dioxide cartridges for the creation of carbonated water and drinks in the home.

  • Supply of carbon dioxide for catering purposes.

  • Mixes of inert gases and accessories for tyre inflation.

  • Dry ice for refrigerated transport.

  • Dermo-cosmestics.

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Products and services in the Engineering sector

  • Air Separation Units (ASU) for the production of oxygen, nitrogen and argon.

  • API618 piston compressors; PET bottle blowing air compressors.

  • Automation, supervision and energy distribution plants.

  • Robotic cells and automated welding, cutting and conveyor systems.

  • Industrial combustion plants.

  • CO2 recovery, production and extraction plants and gas purification plants.

  • Assistance service.

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Products and services in the Healthcare sector

  • Medical gases, distribution systems and total gas management; system design and assistance.

  • Life sciences: cryobiology, cryobanks and turnkey projects.

  • System for the dosing of nitric oxide.

  • Oxygen therapy.

  • Mechanical ventilation and high frequency percussive ventilation.

  • Sleep treatment.

  • Cardiology, neurology and sleep diagnostics.

  • Neuroscience, research and fMRI diagnosis.

  • Neurosonology.

  • Monitoring - pulse oximeters and telemonitoring.

  • ICU, emergency and sub-intensive therapy.

  • Aerosol therapy.

  • Integrated services for healthcare facilities.

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Products and services in the LPG and Natural Gas sector

  • Liquefied petroleum gas - LPG.

  • LPG in cylinders for domestic use.

  • LPG in tanks.

  • Methane gas.

  • Thermic energy

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