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Economic growth on solid and thoughtful foundations, almost 100 years of history, balance sheets that have always been positive, and a constantly growing turnover.
For us, development can under no circumstances overlook the fundamental values of the Group, which relate to:

  • Experience, Tradition and Solidity
  • Geographical and Sector Diversification 
  • Reliability, Professionalism and Expertise

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Highlights 2022


Investments (milion)


Economic Value Generated (milion)

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New ASU Engines: Efficiency and Continuity

Evolutionary maintenance focusing on energy efficiency and operational continuity of plants.

- 770 tCO2/year emitted into the atmosphere

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Advanced Process Control Technology

Implementation of predictive models for maximum operational flexibility of plants

-400 tCO2/year emitted into the atmosphere

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Digital Tools: SIADMI4U

Real-time remote monitoring system for control and optimization of plant and compressor operations

-15,000 km of air travel

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We are committed to promoting sustainable practices and respecting the environment. For more information on our sustainability strategy, write to us: sustainability@siad.eu