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On the basis of the company policies aimed at pursuing concrete objectives in terms of governance, environment and society, SIAD places sustainability at the heart of its constant expansion process.


Download the Sustainability Report 2023

Download the Sustainability Report 2022

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From the values to the Future

Our Sustainability Report 2023 presents the results of the Group's environmental, social, and governance efforts, highlighting the values that guide our operations and the sustainable choices made every day by all Group Companies.

Our Sustainability Report 2023

Our Sustainability Report 2022 

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The Group is committed to taking action aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change, reducing impacts, adapting and offsetting its emissions into the atmosphere. 

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Tradition, innovative spirit, highquality research, multiple stimuli and the high level of diversification of our projects, activities and interests.

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Economic growth on solid and thoughtful foundations, almost 100 years of history, balance sheets that have always been positive, and a constantly growing turnover.

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