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Some of the initiatives developed over the years

Some of the initiatives developed over the years

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Donation of planting and equipment for a park in Osio Sopra, covering an area of more than 10,000 m2


The SIAD Group has granted a free loan for use to the Municipality of Muggia, an area of about 27,000 m2 in the area of Laghetti delle Noghere, in the province of Trieste, where numerous species of water environment birds take refuge and nest and where a rich freshwater fish fauna is found.


SIAD supports The Bergamo - San Vigilio Memorial Dino Sestini, a motor rally organized by the Club Orobico Auto d'Epoca for vintage motorcycles, in which motorcycles produced before 1994 can participate. The event in 1923 saw Bernardo "Dino" Sestini, founder of SIAD, as the first winner.


Since 2001 SIAD has been an Institutional Sponsor of the Italian Yacht Club and the "Beppe Croce" Sea School for young sailing enthusiasts.

In addition, SIAD is the Official Sponsor of Barcolana, the most important international sailing regatta held every year in Trieste, and of Barcolana Classic, dedicated to vintage boats.


The OICCE SIAD International Prize for Innovation in Oenology is aimed at recognizing the best research projects involving the use of technical gases from the vineyard to the winery and enabling an improvement in wine quality and production processes


Donation of play equipment from a park in St. Pantaleon, Austria. 

Donation of play equipment from a park in Rajhradice in the Czech Republic.


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