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Legal notice

Siad S.p.A. (“SIAD”) makes information and/or content (the "Materials") available via this website (the “Website”), as a service provided to clients, vendors and other interested parties, for information purposes only. The download of copies is permitted solely in compliance with the conditions specified below. By accessing the Website or downloading Materials from it, users accept the conditions specified below. Users who do not accept these conditions must cease browsing the Website and, above all, must not download any Materials.


Ownership of the Materials

SIAD owns all intellectual property rights, including authorship rights, over the Website and the Materials or, with regard to the latter, SIAD enjoys the legal right to use them. Accordingly, the Materials must not be copied and/or distributed without prior written consent from SIAD.


Licences and restricted use

Users may access, download and use the Materials solely for internal, non-commercial purposes. In the absence of written authorization from SIAD, it is forbidden to: i) modify the Materials or use them for commercial purposes, public presentations, sales or rentals, ii) remove the copyright and related notices about ownership of the Materials, or iii) sell or, in any case, transfer the Materials to third parties. It is also forbidden to copy, distribute or publish the Materials without authorization from SIAD. Users agree to hold free, defend and relieve SIAD from any damages, losses, legal expenses and costs incurred by SIAD, its employees and its representatives, deriving from the use or dissemination of the Materials by users in violation of these conditions.



The existence on the Website of hypertext links to another website does not represent any form of approval, not even partial and/or indirect, by SIAD of the content or use of such external website. Users make access to that external website at their own risk and under their own responsibility. SIAD takes no responsibility for the content of third-party websites, making no representations and giving no express or implied guarantees concerning any links or content found on the linked websites, and takes no responsibility for any losses that may derive from the above.

It is forbidden to make frames on other websites that display content from the Website. It is forbidden to publish links to the Website that induce visitors to consider SIAD responsible for, or the author or sponsor of, the content presented on the websites of users or third parties. It is expressly forbidden to connect the Website, via specific links and/or other tools, to any other website containing information or content that is inappropriate, defamatory, obscene, indecent or illegal or that violates the privacy, intellectual property rights or copyrights of third parties. SIAD reserves the right to take action at any time to obtain the removal of any link to the Website or to any page of the Website.


Further exemptions from liability

The information and Materials published on the Website are made available to users without any guarantee from or acceptance of any form of express or implied liability by SIAD.

In particular, while the information and Materials published on the Website seek to present the best knowledge available to SIAD, SIAD does not give any guarantees concerning their completeness or comprehensive nature. SIAD will make every effort to update the information and Materials published on the Website, checking their accuracy on a regular basis, without however accepting any responsibility for the actual extent to which the Website is updated. SIAD does not accept liability, under any circumstances, for any direct or indirect losses that may derive from use of the Website and/or the Materials published thereon.

Users have sole responsibility for the lines of communication, equipment and software used by them to access the Website.


Applicable legislation

The Website is administered in Italy by SIAD. SIAD does not guarantee the suitability of the Materials or their availability for use in other countries, or access to the Materials from territories in which their content is illegal or prohibited. Users in other countries access the Website at their own risk and under their own responsibility, as defined by the applicable local legislation. It is forbidden to use or divulge the Materials in violation of any applicable law, including the Italian, European and US laws governing exports, re-exports and imports.