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Hydrogen represents one of the most promising solutions to foster the decarbonization of heavy industry and transportation, but not only. Expectations around this gas are high, as it constitutes the new frontier of the energy transition.
Hydrogen production has critical issues, around which research attention is focused. Efforts are being made to find the best solution for environmental and economic sustainability. Currently, some processes encounter high costs and limited energy availability from renewable sources to power processes that aspire to be "totally clean."

Today, the most widely used and optimized hydrogen production technology, also about reduced environmental impact, is Steam Methane Reforming with Carbon Capture or CO2 capture.



Hydrogen pipeline





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Hydrogen Expertise

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Blue hydrogen from Steam Methane Reforming with Carbon Capture Both from natural gas and biogas

Recovery, purification, liquefaction and storage of CO2 produced



Hydrogen compressors for all applications and any degree of purity

 Plants from liquefaction to separation



Cylinders, cylinder packs, and tank wagons, Owned hydrogen pipelines

Among the highest level of expertise in the safe management of hydrogen



H2 purification from 6.0 to 7.0

Research Laboratory - Gases of Life


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