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SIAD has therefore made Goal 13 from the 2030 Agenda one of its priorities; the goal is to take urgent action at all levels to combat climate change.

The Group is committed to taking action aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change, reducing impacts, adapting and offsetting its emissions into the atmosphere. 

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Waste sent for recovery


Non hazardus waste


CO2 captured compared to Group Emissions


Water returned to the Environment under withdrawal conditions

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More efficient compressors: VITO NEXT

New compressor to optimize performance and reduce environmental impact

- 1,200 tCO2eq/year emitted into the atmosphere

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Energy management

Energy efficiency of heating systems provided to customers

-1,200 tCO2eq/year emitted into the atmosphere

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Transition to hybrid mobility

Healthcare sector: adoption of a hybrid company fleet

100% of the company fleet consists of hybrid vehicles

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Dematerialization of paper documents

Reduction of environmental impact

-2,000,000 sheets of A4 paper used per year

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