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Innovative projects

The innovative projects of the SIAD Group

Sustainability Projects

Innovation for a sustainable future

We are pursuing new projects and goals for a sustainable future. We believe that by dialoguing with our employees, customers and stakeholders about how we can work together to make this world a better place, we will be able to make positive changes.


The SIAD Group places great value on innovation and research. Each company works to develop different, non-standardized and always new proposals. Several innovative projects have been implemented in recent years.






Icona PerFormWater SIAD

COOOL: the green revolution in transportation systems

PerFORM Water: the circular economy in water management

The SIAD Group launched the COOOL project to create innovation in sustainable refrigerated transportation.  

PerFORM Water is a project that aims to develop a circular economy in water management. 

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Icona H2 SIAD

Icona Biometano SIAD


H2 technologies: innovation in combustion

The Italian biomethane supply chain

SIAD has designed a new combustion technology that uses hydrogen as the main fuel. This process is more efficient and safer and minimizes the production of harmful pollutants.

Biomethane can be used as a fuel on par with natural gas, but with a reduced environmental impact. SIAD develops processes, plants and products  

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Icona Engineering SIAD

icona Gasdotti SIAD

LEAN, the winning model for engineering efficiency and sustainability

Gas pipelines: the network expands and is increasingly green

SIAD Macchine Impianti has embarked on an important strategic development path on LEAN Model for greater sustainability of its products.

SIAD continues on the path of expanding its gas pipeline network for the direct supply of engineering gases, capable of reducing transportation and ensuring the certainty of uninterrupted supply.

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Icona Globe SIAD  

The continuing process of internalization: Serbia


In its internationalization process, SIAD chose to build a new plant in Serbia.  

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