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Responsible Care is the voluntary and worldwide program (managed by Federchimica in Italy) which ratifies the chemical industry’s commitment to the health and safety of its employees and to environmental protection.

Responsible Care

SIAD has wholly adopted the principles of the Responsible Care Program, which it has adhered to since 1995.



The guiding principles


  1. The Business ensures that: its commitment in the areas of Safety, Health and Environment meets the Guiding Principles and is clearly incorporated as an integral part of company policy; the senior management and employees are aware of the commitment, are involved in pursuing the objectives and are informed of the results achieved.
  2. The Business, in carrying out its production and commercial activities: complies with applicable regulations and promotes the adoption of policies, rules, procedures and behaviors with the purpose of improving performance, cooperating with national and international agencies, institutions and organizations to contribute to sustainable development; assesses the current and potential impact of its activities and products on Safety, Health and Environment; cooperates with the competent authorities and bodies in defining and implementing procedures and behaviors to improve its performance.
  3. The Business ensures the involvement of human resources and trade union organizations in the implementation of the Responsible Care Program, including through appropriate awareness-raising, information and training initiatives.
  4. The Business communicates its policy, objectives and the evaluation of results to stakeholders in a transparent way; furthermore, it informs customers about how to use, transport and dispose of its products and encourages them to adopt a policy that is consistent with the Guiding Principles of the Program.
  5. In selecting suppliers, the Business gives preference to those suppliers that adopt a similar commitment to its own in respect of Safety, Health and the Environment.
  6. Furthermore, the Business is committed to: optimizing the use of resources; minimizing the production of waste and guaranteeing its proper disposal; improving the impact of its emissions on the environment, both inside and outside the Business.
  7. As part of its research and development, the Business promotes activities in the areas of Safety, Health and the Environment, in order to develop processes and products that are safer and have less environmental impact.
  8. The Business is committed to working with other Businesses participating in the Program by sharing experiences in order to promote the application of the Guiding Principles.
  9. The Business internally verifies the correct application of the Guiding Principles on a periodic basis.

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