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Sustainability for SIAD


From Values to the Future


SIAD Green

The SIAD Group's modus operandi can be characterized by one colour: green. In SIAD, green reflects the princely colouring of nature by bringing constant attention to the environment. A link, that with sustainability, can be found in the first steps taken by the Group at the beginning of the last century, which has always been attentive to environmental issues that today have finally taken on a prominent and highly relevant role, becoming indispensable to guarantee a future for the new generations.



Sustainability Report 2021

Using its Sustainability Report 2021, SIAD will present its environmental impact monitoring and reduction activities to share its achievements in sustainability.


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Our Commitment SIAD


Our goals


Our commitment

The SIAD Group places sustainability at the heart of its ongoing expansion process through corporate policies designed to pursue concrete governance and environmental and social goals. Through a systemic, inclusive and transparent approach, the SIAD Group works to arrive at innovative solutions capable of responding to the needs of the moment, constantly working closely with all its Stakeholders to combine economic growth, environmental protection and respect for society. .


Circular and sustainable innovation  

The goal is to preserve the values and governance model, circular and sustainable innovation, and the constant integration of sustainability principles in every field of operation. The Group has always been committed to finding solutions to innovate its products and services, seizing new opportunities and seeking to meet the target market's demands to generate value, limit impacts, optimize processes and support the community in which it operates.


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