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Support to the medical-scientific world

Support to the Scientific World

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Three-year support (2021-2023) for the International Heart School Bergamo scholarships for young doctors from developing countries for university Master's courses at Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital Bergamo


 Support for the Bergamo International Academy for Advanced Medical Sciences



Organization of the International Study Day on Xenon Applications in anesthesia and various other conferences on the same theme


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Life Sciences


The SIAD Group has always supported the scientific world through scholarships, outreach projects to institutions and hospitals. We reaffirm our commitment to keep a constant and collaborative relationship with institutions and the community. We make available to Italian scientific research the best technologies and high skills present in the SIAD Group.

Today, we are oriented toward the world of Life Sciences, and regenerative and personalized medicine.

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7th July 2023


ViVa, a state-of-the-art Research Biobank that will contain 5 million human, animal and environmental samples, is born.


Agreement has been signed for the construction of Viva, one of Italy's largest research biobanks that will be able to contain biological samples of various types: human, animal and environmental, according to the highest quality standards, to enable cross-cutting research that takes into account all the factors that determine our health.

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