Gases of Life District

Gases of Life District

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The Gases of Life District is the new SIAD research center dedicated to the exploration and production of innovative gas mixtures.

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Areas dedicated to research in the fields of agriculture and medicine


The gases present in the atmosphere have significant effects on the biology of living organisms, including humans, animals, and plants.

The goal of the Gas of Life research is to understand how these gases interact with plant or animal cells with the aim of achieving beneficial effects.


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Environmental Biology and Chemistry Laboratory


Applied research center in the environmental sector brings together 35 years of experience in wastewater treatment and remediation of contaminated sites. The Laboratory develops national and international research projects on biological and chemical processes for the removal of pollutants and on process optimization.  

In the food sector, it develops projects for the sustainability of the agricultural sector with innovative techniques for plant growth and to reduce food waste.

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Specialty Gases Laboratory


The researchers at SIAD's laboratory can use 400 different compounds to prepare gas mixtures with individual components present even at very low concentrations: each gas mixture can contain up to 135 components.

These preparations are also used as metrological references to calibrate measurement instruments and, therefore, ensure measurements traceable to international standards. 

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Laboratory for the Preparation and Development of Metrological Mixtures - LAT Center No. 143

Gas mixtures are used as metrological references to calibrate measurement instruments and ensure measurements are traceable to international standards.

In particular, they are produced with compounds at very low concentrations for environmental analysis, for use in the automotive industry, in the petrochemical and energy field, for calibrating instruments for detecting gaseous pollutants, and for medical field analysis.

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Automated Production


A significant part of the District is dedicated to automated production.

The robotic plant autonomously manages the process of filling gas mixtures into cylinders: the mixtures can consist of many components and can be prepared with compositions tailored to the user's request.



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18th September 2023




"The SIAD Gases of Life District was opened today within the SIAD production plant in Osio Sopra (Bergamo)." Read the news


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